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By the building community, for the building community.

KBIG, formerly the KBIWCF, is a Group Self-Insurance Fund in its third decade of operation. During the 1980’s and early 90’s, many insurance carriers were exiting the state of Kansas, or were no longer willing to write work comp coverage for the construction industry. KBIG was started in 1993, and was born out of a need for accessible and affordable workers compensation insurance for contractors in Kansas. Together with the Kansas Building Industry Association, (KBIA),  a small group of builders and construction companies formed the work comp fund.

The Fund was organized as a Trust, but it is often referred to as an “Insurance Co-Op” or a “Pool” because of the collective pooling of member premiums and resources to support the group’s financial needs.

KBIG collects premiums and pays claims while always striving to return unused premium dollars back to the members. To date, KBIG has returned over $10 million to its members.

Since its beginning, KBIG continues to promote and support the NAHB, KBIA and the local Home Builder Associations that are the backbone of our industry. We are committed to assuring the future success of these organizations through financial and membership support.

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