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At KBIG, we proudly work with independent agencies throughout Kansas to write workers’ compensation coverage for builders, construction related businesses and professionals in the residential and commercial building industry. Committed to the success of our policyholders, we provide professional, personalized service that’s tailored to the unique needs of our members. 

Member Services: Supporting the Success of Our Policyholders

While our vast coverage extends to various businesses, from general contractors to landscaping, our local focus ensures personalized and comprehensive service. From safety training and ensuring the security of your business and employees to our member-led Board of Trustees, members can count on KBIG for consistency, stability and unwavering support.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage
With our workers’ compensation coverage, our policyholders pay their premiums on a monthly reporting basis. Each month you report your premium based on your actual payroll – no more, no less – to maximize your cash flow through stable coverage you can trust.
Safety Services
Available at no additional charge, our safety services work to help businesses prevent accidents, protect employees, maintain productivity and boost bottom lines. From onsite safety training and OSHA courses to workplace assessments and guidance from experienced safety consultants, our comprehensive solutions are designed to support the success of our members.
Claim Services
Backed by extensive experience, our exceptional claims department works on your behalf to manage your claims, prevent fraud and get your employees back to work. To achieve timely claims resolution with optimal medical outcomes for all injured workers, our team of claims adjusters, our administrator and our attorney extensively review each claim reported to KBIG.
Occupational Services
Get valuable insights on your team and potential hires with KBIG’s professional occupational testing services. Offered by our trained and certified staff, policyholders can expect timely reports with easy-to-understand results, jobsite evaluations to determine the physical requirements of positions within their companies and more.

Rewarding Safety with Policyholder Dividends

KBIG collects premiums, pays claims and continually seeks to return dividends to our members, having already returned over $10 million to date!

What to Expect from Policyholder Dividends:

The success of KBIG is determined by each member’s commitment to providing a safe workplace and actively seeking to eliminate injuries. Members who share that commitment to safety are rewarded when KBIG returns unused premium dollars to its members in the form of policyholder dividends.

Members who have maintained an acceptable Loss Ratio for the declared year will receive their pro-rata share of the unused premium being returned. Each member’s share of the funds will be adjusted based on their own actual Loss Ratio. Members with zero losses will receive their full share of the premium refund.

OSHA Member Training

As part of our safety services, we provide our members with OSHA 10-hour training programs in six locations across the state. Through these programs, you can ensure your team receives required certifications, up-to-date training on OSHA standards and valuable education on key safety issues.

Member Resources

Along with resources tailored to support our members, we provide policyholders with access to helpful member forms like payroll guidelines, information for injured employees and more.

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