Occupational Services

Hiring new employees can feel like you’re rolling the dice.

Don’t gamble; hire the right person for the job! The majority of all workplace accidents happen within the first 12 months of employment. 

KBIG’s Occupational Testing Services Include:

Post Offer Employment Testing (POET):
Drug Screen Collection – KBIG utilizes the E-Screen platform for drug screen testing. We offer best-in-class, next-generation technology for screening and maintaining drug-free workforces. Reduce program costs, incorporate a paperless process, and automate compliance management with our help.

Learn more: www.escreen.com

Physical Capacity Profile Testing (PCP) – KBIG offers the PCP Test as the most comprehensive hiring tool available to employers that are interested in determining if an applicant can meet the physical demands of the job. It protects your company from preexisting conditions and previous claims that did not happen at your place of work.

As an employer, ask yourself three questions:

  1. Does your new hire really have the strength and fitness needed for the job?
  2. Is your new employee bringing an old injury to their position at your company?
  3. Is your employee really ready to return to the same job after an injury?

Discover more information about the PCP test at: www.pcpworks.com

Click here for Occupational Assessment Testing Pricing Guide

What to expect from your KBIG Occupational Testing Services:

  • Professional services offered by our trained and certified staff
  • Timely reports with easy to understand results
  • Schedule tests when you need them. We will work within your time frame
  • Jobsite evaluations to help you determine the physical requirements of each position within your company

What to expect from your KBIG Occupational Testing Services:

  • Back Safety Training and Education
  • Ergonomic Safety/Evaluations
  • Department of Labor Job Level Assessments
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